Maltese athlete shares emotional message on socials after being hit by a truck while cycling in Malta

Hannah Cutajar took to her socials to talk about her heart-breaking experience and painful recovery after being hit by a truck while on her morning cycle  merely a week ago.

“At 7.30 am I was laughing with my sports buddies in the water, by 8 am I was on the ground in agony with a broken collarbone – all because a driver didn’t see me.”

She shares how it’s been a week of pain, tears, sleepless nights and hospital visits. She woke up every single day hoping that this was all a bad dream.

“Finally, I got surgery done on the clavicle on Saturday and am on the road to recovery. Whilst the fracture will heal, the doubts, frustration and emotional side to things – that will be the hardest part to get my head around. Luckily I have some amazing people to support me along the way.”

Hannah explains how the accident has ruined a whole season of waking up early to train and how she has missed out on national championships, which means that she’ll get less if not no funding at all for next year. She’ll also miss her spot to race at super league next weekend, which is an experience of a lifetime for her.

It took Hannah years to build up the strength and stamina that she had up to a week ago, and it’s now all at a standstill with months even passing by before considering getting her fitness level back to where it was.

‘You shouldn’t be cycling in Malta’. I’m a seasoned athlete, why should I not be allowed to do what I love without being worried about being hit by a car? To all the drivers out there, SHARE THE ROAD – that cyclist you hit, you’re about to turn their life upside down…

Hannah closes off her emotional Facebook post with a compilation of the best moments she had of the year, from her Wave of Change challenge to her wedding.