Maltese Artist Perfectly Captures The Essence Of Summer In Malta In Her Gorgeous Paintings

We’re always mesmerised when we see artists capturing the perfect shot of Malta, showing it in all its glory – but one artist, in particular, Tina, has managed to capture what might possibly be the most accurate essence of Maltese summer, through her oil paintings.

Her focus is on the people of Malta.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I look at paintings, old and new, it’s quite rare that I relate to any of them… but these … I could picture the scene so perfectly in my head, with what noises would be in it and the scents that would be around me.

How can you not relate? You’ve definitely seen these scenes before your eyes at one point or another.

The added jewellery though!!

The only thing that would make this more Maltese, would be if they’re playing tombla.

You’d get that warm Maltese summer feeling just by looking at her work…

Iconic scene at any beach in Malta.

They’re so realistic!

Want to see more of Tina’s work? You can follow her on Instagram for more of her gorgeous creations!


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