Maltese ‘happier with life than French and Spanish’

Malta has been ranked among the 30 happiest countries in the world.

The Maltese are said to be happier with their lives than the French, Spanish, Polish and Italians.

The World Happiness Report 2017 ranks Malta in 27th place out of 155 nations, up from 30th last year.

Norway was named the world’s happiest country.

Denmark dropped to second place this year followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and Sweden, according to figures compiled by the United Nations.

The rankings are based on six factors – wealth, health, freedom, generosity, social support and absence of corruption in government or business.

The United States came in 14th place, dropping one place from last year.

Germany came in 16th place for the second year, while Britain moved up four spots to 19th place.

The Top 10 Happy Countries

1. Norway
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Switzerland
5. Finland
6. Netherlands
7. Canada
8. New Zealand
9. Australia
10. Sweden

Photos: Alex Vizeo, Lelya Velichko