Maltese American Scientist Charmaine Demanuele Nayak Gets Featured As Pfizer Science Star


Maltese American scientist Charmaine Demanuele Nayak has been featured as a Pfizer Science Star for her work at the renowned biotechnology company, Pfizer.


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Not only does Charmaine have a Ph. D, but she also works as an associate director in the biostatistics field of Pfizer. In her feature, she stated, ‘I really enjoy using statistics and data science coupled with digital health technologies to derive better and more frequent measures of function, activity and quality of life.’



‘This enables us to gain insights into debilitating diseases, enhance our understanding of disease symptoms, better quantify the impact of our treatments on patients, and deliver more efficient patient care driven by more comprehensive phenotyping’, she explained.



Charmaine concluded, ‘We are living in an era where data and technology can truly revolutionise drug development and healthcare in general, and I am thrilled to be working in this exciting field’.


We’re always happy to see a fellow local making moves, especially in such a significant industry, and not to mention a great inspiration to many female scientists out there!

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