Malta’s school holidays and term dates for 2020

For parents and teachers in Malta and Gozo the school holiday and term dates pretty much dictate your plans for the year.

They decide when you can go on holiday, and when you might need to book some time of work yourself.

And keeping tabs on all the dates you need to remember is no mean feat for mums and dads – you’ve got summer holidays, mid-term, the Easter break and public holidays to name a few.

So here are thedates you need to know about for most state schools in Malta in 2020.


School Holidays in 2020

Public Holiday: 10 February 2020

Carnival Holidays: 24 and 25 February 2020

Public Holiday: 19 March 2020

Public Holiday: 31 March 2020

Easter Holidays: 8 to 19 April 2020

Public Holiday: 1 May 2020

National Holiday: 7 June 2020

Last day of School: 26 June 2020

Summer Holidays: 27 June to 29 September 2020

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