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Malta’s Recent Scammers Have Learnt Maltese & Are Threatening To Cut Off People’s Electricity


It looks like scammers are taking their scams to the next level – so much so that they have advanced from fraudulent text messages in English to calls in fluent Maltese, with some even posing as Enemalta officials.


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There have been a handful of reports of a person informing clients of a hefty ‘pending bill’ that must be settled immediately. The callers are even threatening people that Enemalta would proceed to cut off their electricity supply if they don’t.



The police have been alerted about this recent scan, as per Fraud Prevention Officer Charmaine Galea Triganza. Enemalta also warned that it only contacted clients from its freephone number 8007 2224 and never asked for bank details over the phone. It is important to note that since Enemalta is simply the supplier of electricity, it does not deal with clients’ bills.


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Galea Triganza went on to explain that ‘the devil is in the detail’; urging people to remain cautious about any requests for personal details, passwords, or online payments.



She suggests informing the caller that they would be returning the call, hang up, call the actual company through its official numbers, and verify the details with an official representative.