Malta’s Queen of Pop on the FIFA 20 Soundtrack?

So, we heard this through the grapevine… but nothing is official.

But how would you react if you’re casually strolling through Spotify, happen to come across the FIFA Soundtrack and find Ira Losco smack in the middle.

You’d probably think someone made the whole thing up, BUT … the playlist apparently leaked on Reddit, someone took note of the songs before the list got deleted and created a Spotify playlist with said list, which apparently features a song by Ira Losco.

Fifa 2020 playlist

So far, six songs have been officially released, and you can find all of them on the list this guy made.

But back to the song … ‘Top of the World’ is actually released by EDM artist Garabatto, who uses Ira’s vocals for the track.

The song, by the way is an absolute banger.

It’ll have you twerking in no time and we’re like 90% certain it’s going to be the new ‘Hey Now’ [i.e. you’ll be sick of hearing it come September, but only cos it’s an EDM banger].

At this point, you can say that Ira has more or less catered for every kind of music lover on the island.

From pop songs, to rock bangers, sing your heart out ballads and is now even involved in an EDM one.

All I can say about all this really is … And I oop … [if you know, you know]

Only three tracks from the Spotify list have been confirmed as of yet, so fingers crossed for Ira.


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