Malta’s Population Officially Becomes Over 500,000


The Census of Population and Housing 2021 recorded an estimated total population of 516 thousand people in Malta. 


The census was taken on the 21st of November of 2021 and also noted that there are 210,000 private dwellings. According to the census, up until November, around 10,000 people lived in institutes or in other forms of alternative care. The overall response rate by the 28th of February was 83.4% among private dwellings, from over 94% in localities like Żurrieq and Tarxien and less than 65% in localities like Sliema and Żebbuġ.


Although the National Statistics Office (NSO) of Malta found no difference in response rates between genders, Maltese nationals households were noted to have a higher response rate. The report found that 1 in 3 households completed the online census form.


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It was also noted that a total of almost 1000 officers helped household finish the census after knocking on their doors. However, response rates should be refined after confirming the number of dwellings in the follow-up stage. The enumeration process of the Census is usually split into phases but the full enumeration is expected to be terminated by July of this year.


According to the NSO, the Preliminary Report should provide a more accurate count of the total population and dwelling counts. This is expected to be published in the second quarter of the year and will therefore present a socio-demographic profile of the total population of residents.