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We’ve Found the Next Grumpy Cat Right Here in Malta!

freya grumpy main image

The internet legend grumpy cat passed away a few weeks ago, and we’ve been in search of the next grumpy cat to take over the web ever since.

Well, after weeks of searching, we’ve finally found her, and the best part of all? She’s based right here in Malta!

freya malta's grumpy cat


Freya, a Himalayan Persian, is described by her family as one of the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet … her face, however, tells a different story.

Her owner Daphne tells Bay how Freya became a part of their family:

“We had never had a pet at home and my mom was always decided on not getting any; her reasoning was that the heartache would be too great once they died.

“A friend of mine had gotten Freya when she was just a baby, and they already had a cat at home. Long story short, this cat didn’t like Freya at all, so they had to find her another home.

“With my sisters and I really wanting a pet, we did what any desperate group of people would’ve done … we told my mom we were just babysitting her for a few days, hoping she’d never want to give her back… and that’s exactly what happened.

“At first when I brought her home, we genuinely thought she was sad, we were close to taking her back, but I guess that’s just her resting face …”

Freya seems to be living the life of a queen, with her family leaving her wanting for nothing, so why does her face say otherwise?

Cats like Freya are bred to have flat faces, which means that their forehead is pulled down in the middle, giving them what looks like “angry eyes” and their chin goes upward which makes their mouths look all grumpy. But in reality, cats like Freya are one of the friendliest felines around.

freya windowsill grumpy

In fact Daphne tells us: “She only meows when she’s hungry, she greets all of us at the door when we arrive home and just loves to curl up next to us on the sofa. I don’t know if it’s her character or the way all cats like her are, but really and truly we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have to admit though, the photos we found of her dressed up for all occasions were just too cute to handle. Her unamused face says it all…

grumpy cat in costumes

Apparently, the outfit she’s rocking on the left was for quite the special occasion. One of the family members was about to graduate and Freya had to dress to impress. And while her family tried to get her into the Christmas spirit, it doesn’t seem like they managed that much. Jokes aside, Freya is one cute grumpy cat isn’t she?

Freya is not new to the world of television. With one of her owners having been a Liquourish participant in 2018, Freya got a few mentions on the show and a couple of seconds of fame to go with it.

Isn’t she just cute? Her face is just priceless.

If Monday had a face, this would definitely be it. Hungry? I know that’s the face I make when I feel deprived of food. Friend showed up a few minutes/hours late to an event? Throw the Freya glare at them … it’s perfect for almost all occasions.

Do you think Freya’s got what it takes to become the next grumpy cat internet sensation? Or do you think your cat’s grumpy face can beat Freya’s? Send us a photo and let us know!