Malta’s most hilariously Maltese reactions to the police sporting beards and tattoos poll

After Malta’s Police Force published a poll on their Facebook page yesterday, you could say that Malta reacted … and boy did Malta react.

The question: should Malta’s Police Force be allowed to sport a beard and tattoos?

Malta’s reply? So entertaining.

Here are a couple of Malta’s hilariously Maltese replies:

Some just went straight for it …

“I’d rather see a police officer covered in tattoos than someone rude and obese that can barely run 10 mtrs!”

“Better beard than a belly, and why not tattoos? Biggest criminals wear suits and a clean shave”

“Issa jekk ikolli bzonn l-ghajnuna tghid mhux se nqoghod nara ghandhomx tattoos jew daqna!! L-aqwa li jaghmlu dmirhom bhala pulizija u daqshekk ma taghmilx differenza kif jidhru fizikament!”

And some turned to the absurd to prove their point

“No ! Having a beard or a tattoo means police officer would be heavier and would run slower (simple physics) giving thieves an advantage in escaping. This will result in more criminals on the loose.”

“Tatoos and beards doesnt matter… nowadays It’s a trend…one thing they must really have are balls….cause you need gutz these days out there..esp these last days..respect to them”

“Not beards, they’ll catch pastizzi crumbs”

Many agreed there are more important things to focus on …

“Ahjar jaraw li jkunu trenjati sew u fit mela id-daqna u it tattoo !! It’s how they perform that should matter not how they look !!”

There was that one off that actually agreed with the no beard or tattoo policy

“Naqbel maghha, skont fejn ukol imma. Ma fija xejn hazin ikollom tattoo, ma naqbilx li jkollom mal pala tal-idejn u mill-ghonq il-fuq ma naqbilx li jkollom pulizzija”

“No thanks. Why do we have to be so liberal?? Better if we get a little bit more disciplined. All this liberalism is leading to anarchy.”

There were those who took it against men in general…

“U l-irgiel tal-lum kollha qeghdin sew bicciet minnhom iqaxxru suf ta gishom imbaghad tarhom bxi daqna ma nafx xi jridu jghidu biha”

And some were focused on other things…

“I think Malta definitely has better looking policemen than the UK tattooed or not”

But the one that grabbed our attention and stole our hearts, has to be this narrative right here:

As my eyes transitioned from right to left I instantly lost respect for the big policeman. He is now no longer a policeman, but an outlaw for having such ink on his elbow. He has lost his ability to read you your rights and put you in handcuffs because of that ink….

Gtfo and let the guy have his tattoo. It’s 2019. I even feel stupid saying it’s 2019. Letting people express themselves without prejudice should have been timeless but humanity didn’t have enough common sense for it.

I don’t think we can end the article on a better note than that…