Malta’s most hilariously Maltese reactions to the new no earrings to school rule

So you’ve probably heard about the new rule that doesn’t allow boys or girls to wear any form of earrings in schools.

The reasoning behind it is simple: Since boys aren’t allowed to wear earrings to school, then neither should girls…

And so it begins – hundreds of Maltese people from all corners of the country took to Facebook to give the Minister of Education a piece of their minds… and may I say – I have never seen a batch of comments more Maltese than this.

While some of them are witty to say to least, many of them just plain cracked us up!

One mother quickly took the defensive route and attacked the system for choosing to tackle something so heinous:

“ahjar tiehu hsieb kemm imorru tfal mahmugin u traskurati u bilkemm ikolom lunch. Jew fl-ewwel gimgha ga morda u nibatuhom xorta u jmardu l-ohrajn u bil-qamel importanti eee… Dawk hudu hsib mela par imsilet mhux basta kolkom laqat u teatrini ..”

And this one has to be one of our favourites – I mean, she has a point, but the way she puts it … gold.

“U le kif spiccajna… jumejn ohra mal-qalziet ta’ taht jaqbdu. Iridu jilbsu boxer shorts boys u girls habba l-ugwaljanza. Ara misluta buttuna f-widnejn tifla x’qed taghmel hsara.”

But not as funny as this one…

“Yep…and as from tomorrow girls are allowed to start peeing standing up too…for the sake of equality mhux hekk?”

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Maltese thread if someone did not go for the ‘Bhal ma taghmel jaghmlulek’ argument.

“Min ma jaqbilx ma dil haga ghandu jaghmel bhalma ghamlet dil omm qallat dal hassel kollu! Ahna ana nsemmaw lehinna wkoll u nibqaw nibatu girls bl.imsilet, jin mux se nehiomla NO WAY!! jk kulhadd jzomm il punt naslu. Hekk sew habba wahda nqala da kollu, u halluna!”

Then, the sensible comments started coming in.

 “I totally agree. And the women who are bla bla bla about this, don’t you forget what equality is. Is a woman’s ear different than that of a man? Is your ear special or has something better simply because you’re a girl? … Or both girls and boys can go to school wearing earrings, or none of them. Simple 👌🏻”

The sensibly hilarious!

“And if I was in power? I make it ok for every man to go wearing shorts for work in summer instead of trousers. Why is it ok that a woman can wear a skirt in 35 degrees and a man has to wear long trousers? Next summer I’ll shave my legs and wear my first skirt 👌🏻 don’t you forget what equality is girls. Wink wink 😉”

Cut the bull***t. Equality for men has to be there too 🙌🏻”

“girls and boys should all shave their head !! It’s not fair that girls can have long hair!! 😂”

“Ara kif spicca pajjizna. Kulhadd qisu ghajni, idejqu kollox u jekk ma jogbux xi haga malajr jihu fastidju. It tfal flokk qed inrabbuhom b’ qoxra iebsa, qed intelawhom bla sinsla u kif ma jogbokx xi haga, ghaqla panik fuq are you being served hali jithasruk u ituk ir ragun. Pajjiz bla 🥚🥚”

And many agreed; we should just let kids be kids

“Qbatu qabda ma tfal dik li naf nghid zgur…ahjar id duru dawra ma teachers ha taraw go certu skejjel xi jkunu libsin u makeup u dwifer twal jew iduru dawra ma kulhad jew halu kulhadd az tfal qaziztuwom…kulhadd jamel li jrid u tfal amiltuwom habs…haluwna kwiti mela ewel ax earing holqa kelna nehuwa al pins isa anka pins🙄 al go”

What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments.

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