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Malta’s most expensive streets are revealed

Living in Malta can be  expensive, especially if you’re saving up to buy your first home.

Rental prices are at an all time high and more and more of us are trying to make the move from being a tenant to becoming a homeowner.

But have you ever wondered how your rent stacks up against others in Malta or around the world?

New figures have revealed the most expensive places to live in the Maltese Islands.

This year, Sliema tops the charts, which is no real surprise.

According to the latest cost of living comparison figures for 2018, Sliema is the 135th most expensive place to live in the world – just one place behind Edinburgh in Scotland.

Here are some more facts and figures you need to know:

– Rent prices in St Paul’s Bay are a whopping 40% lower than in Sliema

– Rent prices in Gozo are 51% lower than in Sliema

– The average rent for a modest one-bedroom flat in Sliema will set you back around €880 a month, compared to €1,100 in Paris.

– Rents in Sliema are around 50% lower than in central London

– The cost of living in Sliema is 16% less than in New York

– The average wage in Malta is around €1,100. In the UK it is the equivalent of €1,980.