Malta’s Michela insists Eurovision ‘is just the beginning’

Michela Pace has revealed representing Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest was ‘an incredible experience’.

The singer, 18, from Victoria remained upbeat despite finishing in 16th place with her massive 89.7 Bay hit Chameleon.

She returned to Gozo on Sunday morning after flying home from the finals in Israel.

Michela told her fans on Instagram: ‘What an incredible experience performing in front of millions all across Europe and the world.

‘I truly had a great time in Tel Aviv and it was an experience that I will never forget.

‘Making it to the final meant that I performed in front of more than 200 million people.’

Michela also hinted that Eurovision wouldn’t be the end of her music career.

She added: ‘On another note, this is just the beginning for me as an artist and I can’t wait to show you what I have in store.’

The Netherlands won Eurovision for the first time since 1975 thanks to Duncan Laurence’s song ‘Arcade’.

However, Michela put on a high-energy performance on Saturday night that delighted fans across Malta and Gozo.

But Chameleon got a mixed reaction from Twitter users around the world.