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Malta’s longest traffic flyover is now open

Malta’s drivers are getting an early Christmas present.

Fewer delays and shorter traffic jams have been promised after the opening of Malta’s longest flyover.

The new road eliminates the need for traffic lights in Paola and drastically reduce congestion on the streets around Paola, Qormi, Albert Town and Luqa.

Infrastructure Malta said it is the third of seven forming the €70 million Marsa junction project.

Malta’s transport minister Ian Borg said the original plan was for it to be ready by the end of January but he said that work is ‘now well ahead of schedule’.

He told reporters: ‘This will be the longest flyover out of the seven planned for the main junction that acts as a gateway to the south.

‘We will be see big improvements in travelling times and air quality for the thousands of people who live, work and visit the south of Malta.’

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The Marsa Junction Project includes seven flyovers and more than 12 kilometres of new lanes to reduce traffic congestion around Hamrun, Qormi, Albert Town, Paola and Luqa.

The massive scheme also includes new pavements, pedestrian bridges and several landscaped areas with trees and bushes.


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