Malta’s Longest Green Wall Coming to Life in Marsa-Hamrun Bypass


Infrastructure Malta and Ambjent Malta are currently working together on Malta’s longest-ever green wall along the Marsa-Hamrun Bypass.

This project is a part of the €500,000 investment in the Marsa-Ħamrun Bypass, a project carried out on a timeframe of three years. A total of 27,600 plants are expected to be planted in order to give life to the longest vertical garden in Malta, on a wall 350 meters long, the size of three football stadiums, which was built in 2018.



The project contractors started installing the specialised structure that is supporting this green wall last Summer. The structure was specifically designed to reduce the risk of damage to the concrete retaining wall, whilst making use of eco-friendly, recyclable materials.



The system also incorporates an automatic drip irrigation system connected to a large reservoir, which Infrastructure Malta built in the grounds of an adjacent school when the Marsa-Ħamrun Bypass was rebuilt in 2018. The contractors also installed security cameras to deter theft and vandalism.



“Green walls provide multiple benefits in urban areas. They serve as potential ecological stepping-stones for insects and pollinators between rural and urban environments, reduce noise pollution, contribute to cooler micro-climates, reduce air pollution, and improve the experience of those who live and work in urban areas,” Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia said.



Infrastructure Malta is also working with the Institute for the Creative Arts of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) to introduce an outdoor art gallery in another section of the same wall at the Marsa-Ħamrun Bypass. This outdoor gallery will include large-scale artwork prints created by the Institute’s fine arts students and lecturers.



Eventually, this space will also be made available to other local and international artists, bringing art closer to the people as they travel past them every day. The first new artworks will be installed at this location next month.

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