Malta’s latest beach clean-up is a massive success

Malta’s latest beach clean-up has been declared a success.

An astonishing 680 kg of rubbish was collected from one of Malta’s most popular beauty spots.

Maltese MEP Miriam Dalli led the clean-up at the stunning Mistra Bay near Mellieha, helped by an army of enthusiastic volunteers.

She said: ‘Around 680 kg of waste have been collected from Mistra Bay during a clean-up I organised together with Żibel.

‘We encourage the public and businesses to choose products that generate the least possible waste, and where possible avoid products made of plastic.

‘Reusable cups instead of plastic cups, discounts for clients who bring their own reusable containers or cups, paper or bamboo straws instead of plastic straws, and paper bags instead of plastic bags are just a few examples of how less waste can be generated while safeguarding our natural environment.’

Well done!