Malta’s iconic Belvedere Tower to be restored

One of Malta’s most treasured Victorian monuments is to be restored to its former glory.

The iconic Belvedere Tower in Lija will be given a facelift by specialist stonemasons and architectural experts.

Planning officials said that a number of the tower’s columns had suffered from the effects of the weather over the decades.

The lettering on some of the stones had also faded, especially on the upper half of the tower.

It was built in 1857 as a folly within the gardens of Villa Gourigon, a 17th-century villa which belonged to the Marquis Depiro.

It was designed by the Maltese architect Giuseppe Bonavia.

In the 1950s, part of the villa’s garden was destroyed to make way for Transfiguration Avenue.

The belvedere was retained as a roundabout, and it is now one of Lija’s most important landmarks.

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