Malta’s hotels and restaurants urged to cut food waste

One third of all the food produced worldwide is thrown out before it hits consumers’ plates.

That’s according to a shocking study that discovered billions of tons of food, amounting to roughly €1 trillion, goes to waste each year.

Now two organisations in Malta have joined forces to slash the amount of food that is thrown away every week by Malta’s hotels and restaurants.

The Malta Business Bureau and the Institute of Tourism Studies have teamed up in a three-year scheme, backed by the EU.

MBB president Simon De Cesare told 89.7 Bay: ‘Food waste is a challenging environmental topic which also very tangibly affects businesses’ bottom line.

‘The capacity building element of this project leaves us very hopeful that not only can we support Malta’s achievements in food waste reduction, but also contribute to the continuous professional development of Malta’s largest economic sector, the hospitality industry.’

‘The MBB strongly believes that through careful implementation, Malta’s investment in economic sectors can also bring about environmental and social sustainability.’

Institute Of Tourism Studies – ITS chief executive Pierre Fenech added: ‘With this collaboration, we will complement the current drive on domestic food waste management, by targeting the hospitality industry.

‘This will contribute in part to immediately addressing Malta’s waste problems and forms a good basis for future work plans dealing with food waste.’

The project will culminate in a food waste hackathon in the final year, where three ITS students will compete against students of the other EU countries in designing and cooking the most food-efficient menu.

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