Malta’s Hero Chefs Are On Their Way To Lebanon To Prepare Food For People In Beirut

Following the tragedy that struck Beirut a couple of weeks ago, everyone has been doing their best to help in any way that they could.

A group of Maltese chefs, led by Lebanese chef Hany Harb, have embarked on a journey -Hany Harb himself, joined by  Jean Galea Souchet; Robert Bonello; Rafel Sammut of ‘Briju’ Restaurant; Zack Demarco; Marko Pavlovic, and with the assistance of Hany’s Wife Claudienne – are jetting off to Lebanon as we speak, to prepare food for the residents of Beirut.

TEAM 🇱🇧🇲🇹1 week of intense cooking…..Ejja ha nahdmu 😊👊🏻

Publiée par Rafel Sammut sur Lundi 17 août 2020

Once Hany and the team get to Beirut they will be joining forces with Chef Joe Barza, who is heading the Chefs For Beirut Initiative, which forms part of the even-larger World Central Kitchen campaign.

WCK’s Relief Team is using the power of food to offer hope to families in need, showing them that “we are here and we care. We are working within the local community to heal and strengthen by providing nourishing, fresh meals made with care.”

And we’re on our way….Hany Harb, Rafel Sammut, Robert Bonello, Marko Pavlovic, Zack De Marco, C&S

Publiée par Jean Galea Souchet sur Lundi 17 août 2020

Hany told Daniel and Ylenia during a Bay Breakfast interview, that upon landing at Beirut, they will be heading straight to the kitchens, joining other chefs to prepare some 16,000 meals per day to people who have lost their relatives, their place of work, their belongings, and their houses.

Hany also explained that they are collecting donations from the people of Malta and Gozo to be able to buy the ingredients themselves, and said that they have already surpassed their original €15,000 target and they are at nearly €30,000 as at the time of the interview.

How can YOU donate? 

Donations to this initiative can either be dropped off at Ali Baba in Gżira or sent through Revolut on +356 9945 0211. Revolut donors are to leave a note specifying that the funds are a donation to the Lebanese donation kitchen.