Malta’s Got….Varied Talent! Bay’s Fifth Judge is Back!


Last night, the Maltese graced us once again with a variety of their talents – and there really was quite the variety. If you missed it, here’s everything summed up for you:

Izzy caused all the boomers watching to short circuit.



“A boy?? Wearing mejkap?? And a skert?? Call the police”



We finally got a unique audition.



Which the judges immediately shot down.


Thais had us a bit worried where this line was going for a second.



The Southville dancers vogued to win brownie points with Sarah.



They managed to get an “aj lav det” so, success!



Layla transported us back to X Factor Season 1.



It’s not an X Factor/Got Talent if someone doesn’t sing Shallow.


Mr.Cool (and friends) came through with some fire fits.



And gave us a winning performance.



The variety, the excitement, the flavour … Everyone else can pack it up, I’m sorry.



Then Maxine summed up everyone’s thoughts towards this whole year.



I truly believe we’ve all been having a collective fever dream since January.



Nina, the owl, showed us the most impressive talent of being a bird and not pooping for a full two minutes.



We also had our weekly dose of children more talented than we’ll ever be.



And finally, Jomike and Lydon had the most adorable song about a dysfunctional marriage.



Then Lydon did this when Maxine called him a star.



He’s literally the human version of the 🥺 emoji I can’t.



And we found out Gordon has a golden buzzer too


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