Malta’s First Organic Premium Wine Gets A Gold Medal At Prestigious International Competition

Marsovin’s Marnisi Organic vintage 2018 wine is the first Maltese premium wine to be EU certified as Organic.

Marnisi grabbed the gold medal earlier this week, at the International Organic Wine Awards 2020, a competition exclusively for international wines made from organically grown grapes.

The German competition looks specifically at quality of the wine, making  it a very prestigious one in its industry.

Marnisi was given 90 points, earning its gold medal. In order to make organic wine, Marsovin must organically grow the grapes as well as use an alternative wine-making approach and a specific list of ingredients used for organic vinification.

This marks the third consecutive year that Marnisi has won an award in this prestigious international competition.

Marnisi competed against 648 wines from 18 different countries.