Malta’s first all-electric bus takes to the streets

Malta’s first all-electric bus has taken to the streets.

The new vehicle was unveiled as part of efforts to cut emissions and improve air quality across the Maltese Islands.

Konrad Pule from Malta Public Transport said the bus operator supported moves to address the climate emergency.

He said: ‘These electric buses are not only fitted with zero emission technology, they are also quieter and smoother, offering a better customer experience for the thousands of customers who travel with us every day.

‘Electric bus technology is here and we need to embrace it and ensure that it is part of our future fleet and business planning strategies.

‘It has a really important and exciting role alongside traditional diesel and hybrid technologies.’


The all-electric bus will be used on several different routes over the next few months as part of a trial scheme.

Malta Public Transport said it would also collect feedback from passengers and drivers about the new vehicle.

Transport Malta chief executive Joseph Bugeja welcomed the new initiative.

He said: ‘The year-on-year increase in bus passengers shows the success of public transport, with a record-breaking number of over 58 million passengers in 2019.’

Why are electric buses better?

A journey in an electric bus is smoother and quieter than one with a traditional engine.

E-buses are also much better for the environment.

They’re generally nicer to be around: less vibration, less noise, zero exhaust fumes.

Plus, in the long term, e-buses have lower operating costs.

A number of cities around the world have embraced electric buses in recent years.

London’s bus fleet is the largest in Europe, with more than 200 electric buses and a further 78 electric double-deck buses on order.

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