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Malta’s fire chiefs offer advice on what to do in an emergency

The huge fire that ripped through a tower block in London last week has shocked the world, including Malta.

But what should you do if a blaze breaks out where you live or work?

Firefighters at Malta’s Civil Protection Department have a number of clear instructions on what to do and, perhaps more importantly, what not to do in the event of a fire in your home.

They sum up their advice as being simply: ‘Get out, stay out, and call 112’.

Their advice also includes:

What to do

– Stay low to the floor where the air is cleaner and cooler

– Shout to warn your family or anyone nearby, even outside

– If your clothing catches fire, stop, drop down and roll on the ground until the flames go out

– If someone else’s clothing catches light, use a blanket, rug or thick coat to put out the flames

– If you can’t get out, stand by a window so firefighters can see you

– Never open a door if it’s warm to touch, there could be fire inside

What not to do

– Use a lift. Always take the stairs

– Stop to take anything with you

– Try to go back inside until a firefighter tells you it’s safe to do so

– Jump out of a window, unless you are sure it will be safe to do so

If you are unable to get out, fire experts urge you to get everyone into one ‘safe’ room.

They also advise packing clothes, cushions, pillows, or towels around the door to keep smoke out, and open a window to shout for help.

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