Malta’s favourite dish, the Timpana, mentioned on global foodie magazine Saveur

Globally renowned foodie magazine Saveur has recognised one of Malta’s most beloved dishes, giving a hefty description of its origins and why it is loved by everyone who tries it.

Now every Maltese family has their own staple Timpana recipe, and each family is convinced that theirs is the best the island has to offer.

But Saveur has recognised Malta’s beloved dish as one of the few dishes that is impressive to cut into, and even gave a recipe for it! (I mean, a pie filled with pasta isn’t exactly a light lunch, we know that…)

Saveur describes our beloved timpana as : “a classic Maltese (Italian-Greek-Egyptian) pasta bake: featuring penne tossed in spiced meat sauce and enrobed in a golden-brown pastry crust. The dish is believed to have originated in Sicily, where it’s known as timpano, but don’t be surprised to hear it called timballo, timpana, or the decidedly American baked macaroni.”

And the Timpana recipe they included … I must admit, my nanna is probably turning in her grave as I am writing this (God bless her soul), at the lack of secret ingredients that gives the timpana its truly unique Maltese flavour.

But hey, at least one of Malta’s most beloved dishes is finally getting the recognition it so truly deserves!

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