Malta’s favourite athlete Jake Vella is swimming for an amazing cause this weekend!

jake vella

Malta’s beloved Jake Vella is about to embark on a 1.7 kilometre swim with record- breaker Fabio Spiteri tomorrow, 14th September.

He’s doing all of this to raise funds for the Association of Abandoned Animals.

Jake and Fabio will be swimming from St Paul’s Island, back to shore.

As you may know, Jake suffers from ROHHAD, a condition which makes you keep gaining weight no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise.

But his condition has never stopped Jake from pursuing the sports he loves doing, and this event is an ode to exactly that!

Even though they should make it back within an hour and a half, representatives of the Abandoned Animals Association will be there to collect donations.

You don’t need to be present to make your own donation though, as you can even contribute by sending an SMS to any of these numbers.

5061 7350 € 2.33

5061 8060 € 4.66

5061 8910 € 6.99

5061 9200 € 11.65

Jake, Malta’s all behind you!