Malta’s customs officers make their biggest bust ever

Malta’s customs officers have made their biggest ever seizure of fake goods.

Fake designer handbags, mobile phones, shoes and clothes are among the counterfeit gear discovered in 36 containers at the Malta Freeport.

The containers originated from Asia and were destined for African countries.

A spokesman for Malta Customs said: ‘This is the biggest amount of containers stopped by customs at any one time.

‘In an attempt to deceive officials, the first 20 feet of the 45-foot containers were filled with legitimate goods that served as a coverload for the illegal items behind them.

‘The operation is still ongoing and we are in the process of unloading and cataloguing the items.

‘So far we have unloaded eight containers containing: 91,750 mobile phone accessories, 46,863 clothes, 43,915 training shoes, 14,365 tracksuits, 7,770 shoes, 750 game controls.’

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