Malta’s crystal clear sea stars in new documentary

The crystal clear seas around Malta’s sister island Comino have been featured in a stunning new documentary.

‘Comino: A Secret Paradise’ takes viewers on a spectacular adventure under the waves – exploring caves, underwater treasure troves and shipwrecks.

The diverse marine life found around the island is also extensively featured in the 30-minute episode, which has been launched on YouTube.

The project was spearheaded and funded by the Malta Airport Foundation.

Malta Airport Foundation chairman Fredrick Mifsud Bonnici said: ‘While Comino is beautiful above ground, below the surface it is even more so, as this documentary perfectly portrays.

‘The Foundation took on this project to bring Malta’s underwater world to light, taking us a step closer to reaching our primary goal – to raise awareness about Malta’s rich heritage and the diverse environment around us, and to safeguard them for our future generations.’

The documentary’s executive producer Professor Alan Deidun said he hoped it would make people more aware of the important role the sea plays in everyday life.

You can watch the documentary in full here.