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Malta’s COVID Hospitalisation Rate Highest Since April


The European Centre For Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has released some fresh data, which dictates that the number of COVID patients in hospital is the highest since mid-April.


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The update comes as new measures come into force today. As per the update, for the period up to August 8, Malta’s new hospital admissions per 100,000 people rate stood at 5.05.



A similar figure, 5.83, was then registered on April 18 when the island was still under quasi-lockdown as part of efforts to slow down the spread after record numbers of new cases were detected in March.


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However, according to the date, the figure has been slowly climbing back up since June 27 after three weeks of no patients requiring hospital treatment. This increase in hospitalisation coincided with a surge in COVID cases.



At the time of writing, there are 38 patients at Mater Dei Hospital – five of which currently reside in the intensive care section. Fortunately, admissions for the intensive care unit have remained relatively constant for weeks, thanks to the vaccine.


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Health Minister Chris Fearne even added that restrictions will be eased further if the hospital numbers remain under control.



Elsewhere, as of today, those who are fully vaccinated can spend seven days in quarantine instead of two weeks, with the quarantine period coming to an end once a negative test is presented.


As for mass events, 300 people may now attend controlled, seated events. This number will increase to 500 at the end of August.