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Malta’s climate will feel more like Tel Aviv by 2050

In 2050, Malta’s climate will feel more like Tel Aviv’s, according to a new climate change study.

Scientists warned that people in Malta in the future could face the kind of extreme drought conditions that regularly hit the Israeli city.

Hundreds of other major cities worldwide could be facing droughts, flooding, storms, and other climate catastrophes, said the study.

Researchers predicted the future climate conditions of 520 major cities worldwide, and paired those predictions with the conditions of cities today.

By 2050, London will feel like Barcelona, Edinburgh will be more like Paris is now, Madrid will feel more like Marrakesh, Seattle will feel like San Francisco, and New York will feel like Virginia Beach, according to the report.

The group of experts, based in Switzerland, said that pairing up cities in this way can help people visualise the impact climate change will have on their lives.

Jean-Francois Bastin, lead author of the research, said: ‘History has repeatedly shown us that data and facts alone do not inspire humans to change their beliefs or act.

‘The intangible nature of reporting on climate change fails to adequately convey the urgency of the issue – for example, it is hard to envision how 2C of warming, or changes in average temperature by 2100 might impact daily life.

‘With this analysis from Crowther Lab scientists, we want to help people visualise the impact of climate change in their own city, within their lifetime.’