Malta’s bendy buses could be sent back to London

Malta’s bendy buses could be on their way back to London soon.

The notorious vehicles were brought to Malta from the British capital by bus operator Arriva six years ago.

They were soon plagued by a series of problems before eventually being banned from Malta’s streets over safety concerns.

Now, experts have called for bendy buses to be reintroduced in London to cut journey times and improve disabled access on certain routes.

Former London mayor Boris Johnson ordered them off the streets after he described them as ‘cumbersome vehicles and compared them to ‘a jack-knifed diplodocus’.

He joked at the Conservative Party conference in 2012: ‘I got rid of those bendy buses. They’re now clogging up the streets of Malta I’m delighted to say.’

But now a London Assembly transport committee has now recommended they should be brought back.

The report said: ‘Bendy buses might be the best option because they provide ‘both a higher capacity and faster loading/unloading than standard double decker vehicles.

‘They also offer passenger benefits, including more space, faster journeys, and enhanced accessibility for disabled passengers’.

Six of Malta’s fleet of 59 bendy buses were badly damaged in a fire at a vehicle storage yard in San Gwann in June.

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