Malta’s beloved Chadwick Lakes take on a green shade

Bright green water spotted at Malta’s Chadwick Lakes this week is perfectly natural, according to a leading scientist.

Marine biologist Alan Deidun from the University of Malta said the lime-like shade was ‘a natural phenomenon’  and nothing to be concerned about.

He said the water would soon clear when warmer weather arrives in the Maltese Islands in the next few weeks.

Professor Deidun explained that the change in colour of the water was caused by a high concentration of nutrients, running into the lakes from nearby fields.

He said that frogs, fish and other creatures living in the lakes, near Rabat, would not be in peril and most probably would have adapted anyway.

Chadwick Lakes, created by British engineer Sir Osbert Chadwick in 1884, is due for a major revamp soon.

Banks and retaining walls will be rebuilt while a playground constructed in the valley in the 1990s will be removed.

Ecologically sensitive areas will be fenced off, to protect the flowers from being trampled on.

Off-road motorcyclists who use the rural pathways to scramble around the valley will be banned.

Chadwick Lakes have long been popular with picnickers and families who enjoy countryside walks in the sunshine.

The system of dams stretches from Mtarfa and Rabat to Mosta, draining in Speranza Valley, then at Salina Bay and then into the sea.

The freshwater stream is home to various animals, namely protected tadpoles and frogs.

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