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Malta’s Archbishop Treats 700 People To A Hearty Meal On His Birthday

To celebrate him turning 61, Malta’s Archbishop, Charles J. Scicluna, covered all the meals to be distributed to those in need for the day with his donation.

At this point, the Solidarity Meals project is feeding around 700 mouths a day, all to those who are finding it difficult to make ends meet during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Only a month and a half ago, the initiative, which had just started operating, was offering meals to 200 people.

The meals, through the support of Fondazzjoni Alfred Mizzi, are being distributed by the Church through Caritas in coordination with parishes and other entities who offer services in the community.

While visiting the kitchen to thank the chefs and organisers for all they’ve been doing, Monsignor Scicluna expresses his gratitude, saying that God is providing his providence in this initiative, adding that it is a great privilege and grace.

A hundred of those receiving the daily meal are children aged under-12.

What a blessing indeed.