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Malta’s airport prepares for its busiest day ever

Malta’s airport is preparing for its busiest day ever.

This Sunday is expect to smash all records with an estimated 28,000 passengers arriving or departing from the terminal in Gudja.

Airport bosses said around 180 take-offs and landings were scheduled to take place within the 24 hour period.

A spokeswoman for Malta Airport told 89.7 Bay: ‘August is a popular month for family travel, and indications show that by the end of it over 36,000 children will have passed through the terminal.

‘Knowing that travelling with little ones in tow can be challenging, we have positioned greeters at different points of the airport to extend a helping hand should this be needed.

‘An array of free treats are aimed at keeping holidaymakers entertained and refreshed as they wait for boarding.’

Passengers who will be travelling in the coming days are advised to go through the ABC of breezing through security.

These are:

A – Accessories

The airport is not the best place where to make a fashion statement with jewellery, belts, and watches, as these will set off the metal detectors and will have to come off before you go through.

B – Buckles and Laces

Since it is very possible that you are asked to remove your shoes at security, we recommend you opt for shoes you can easily slip out of and slip into again, without having to unbuckle and buckle up or unlace and lace up.

C- Clear Bags

You can carry liquids in your hand luggage provided that each container does not exceed 100 ml and that all of your liquids combined add up to no more than 1 litre. Liquids should be put in a clear bag, taken out of the hand luggage and passed through the X-ray machine at security.

D – Devices

Any electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets, you might be carrying in your hand luggage should be taken out at security and passed through the X-ray machine.

E- Empty Pockets
Coins, keys, mobile phones, and anything else that might be lurking in your pockets will very likely make you beep. Since it is rather inconvenient to empty the contents of your pockets into one of the security trays and put everything back in, it is suggested that you keep your pockets empty.

F – Food

You can carry food items in your hand luggage, provided that they do not have runny fillings and are not jams, pâtés, or creams. If you are travelling with a baby, you are allowed to carry enough baby food and drinks in your hand luggage.

G – Gifts

Gifts can be carried in your hand luggage, but we recommend that you keep these unwrapped as security staff might want to have a closer look at them. If you’ve bought your young nephew a toy gun or a water pistol, you’ll end up disappointing him as these gifts will be confiscated.

H – Hair Dryers 

No need to worry about bad hair days ruining your holiday snaps, as you can carry both your hair dryer and hair straightener in your hand luggage.