Malta Will Soon Allow Flights To 5 Other Destinations


Malta will soon allow travel to and from a total of 24 Countries. This comes as Ministry for Tourism, Julia Farrugia Portelli announced that Maltese Authorities are in advanced talks with these five five countries, which have not yet been named. As PM Robert Abela said yesterday, the new countries will be announced officially in the coming days.

In the same press conference, Minister Farrugia Portelli also spoke with those countries who had not yet included Malta in their safe-list such as Latvia. Following discussions, even on a diplomatic level, where Malta’s COVID-19 strategy and current situation were explained, these countries will be reviewing their list, to eventually include Malta.



With 70% less tourists expected this year, people are encouraged to make use of the €100 voucher which will soon be sent out via registered mail, so that domestic tourism can give the much-needed boost which the industry needs.

These vouchers, as explained during the press conference, will have a QR Code, and can be used at any MTA-licensed accomodation, bar, and restaurant – and at any shop/service which was not in operation during the pandemic. This includes, diving centres, hairdressing salons, and cinemas.