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Malta welcomes it’s first ever female firefighters!

The Civil Protection Department just experienced its largest recruitment in the last 20 years, with a whopping number of 126 Assistance and Rescue Officers (AROs).

More importantly, the CPD welcomed three female fire-fighters to the force for the first time ever in Maltese history.

These women joined the force shortly after completing a course that took them almost 5 months to successfully tackle.

These awesome women got to celebrate their success in a passing out parade, whilst reassuring their loyalty and faithfulness towards the law.

Interior Minister Michael Farrugia and the CPD’s director, Emmanuel Psaila were also present to the ceremony.

Not only is the Civil Protection Department introducing female recruits, but Dr Farrugia also wishes to reinforce the CPD and its investments within the next seven years.

He added that the CPD, and other disciplined forces, are presently participating in desktop exercises (a form of joint training). This extensive plan also includes an upgrade of the force’s fleet of vehicles.