Malta Urged to Give Standing Ovation to Health Care Professionals from Our Balconies Tonight at 9pm Sharp.

A post has been doing the rounds on our socials for the past couple of days, encouraging all of Malta to take to their balconies tonight, 17th March, at 9 pm sharp, to give a nationwide standing ovation to the health care professionals who have been tirelessly working to keep us safe.

Din tehtieg issir

Publiée par Karl Stagno Navarra sur Dimanche 15 mars 2020

“Let’s all go out on our balconies or from our windows on Tuesday at 9pm to give a massive round of applause to our doctors, nurses and paramedics,” a post shared by ONE TV presenter Karl Stagno Navarra starts.

“Let’s make sure this applause rings clear as a sign of appreciation and respect towards the important work they are doing with such courage and dedication. This standing ovation will be dedicated to the heroes that are working in these difficult times. We’re counting on you to spread the word,” the post finishes. “The more you spread it, the more it reaches people.”

Share this post and make sure to be at your balcony tonight at 9 pm for Malta’s largest standing ovation.

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