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Malta traffic expert calls for double-decker buses

Malta should introduce double-decker buses, according to a leading traffic management expert.

Despite the bendy buses fiasco, urban planning consultant Bjorn Bonello called for double-deckers to takeover some of the busiest bus routes in Malta.

He told The Malta Independent that double deckers could help to reduce traffic congestion as they are able to carry more passengers than single-deck buses.

The traffic expert told the newspaper: ‘It is very difficult to re-package the bus system into something sexy.

‘The problem is the capacity of the system. We’ve been failing repeatedly to provide buses adaptable to certain routes.

‘For example, double decker and bendy buses for Sliema would make sense because of the sheer number of people.

‘Whilst small narrow roads don’t fit for even the buses we have now and cause difficulties for cars and pedestrians.’

A limited number of double deckers already operate in Malta and are used by hop on, hop off tourist bus operators.

Last month, transport experts in London called for the re-introduction of bendy buses on some routes in the British capital city to ‘boost capacity’.

The bendy buses were shipped from London to Malta by Arriva six years ago after being banned by the city’s then mayor Boris Johnson.

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