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Malta Tourism Authority opens new office in Mriehel

The Malta Tourism Authority has opened a new office at Business First in Mriehel.

Business First is a one-stop-shop for a number of agencies, including the Department of Health, Identity Malta, Malta Enterprise, the Inland Revenue, the Planning Authority, and JobsPlus.

Malta Tourism Authority executive chairman Dr Gavin Gulia said: ‘Having a number of government services in one place saves people from having to travel from one place to another.

‘The MTA felt it had to be part of this project and as a result, whoever wishes to apply for a tourism operating license, can now do so from our Business First office.

‘The applicant will be able to gather all the documents required by the MTA, such as the planning permits or the health and safety certificate, from the same location.’

A number of applications can be handled at the new Business First branch on Mdina Road, including:

• Notification of a Change of Licensee for a Tourism Operation
• Application for a Bar Substitute
• Application for the Registration of an Operator in a Tourism Establishment
• Application for a Holiday Furnished Premises licence
• Application for a House on Long Term Lease licence
• Application for the Playing of Amplified Music in Tourism Establishments
• Application for a Host Family licence
• Application for a Travel Operator or Excursion Operator licence
• Application for a Catering Establishment licence

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