Malta to receive the First Consignment of the AstraZeneca Vaccine this Sunday – Chris Fearne


Addressing a Media Conference on the occasion of World Cancer Day at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Chris Fearne said that as days go by, the number of doses being administered on a daily basis, of the COVID-19 vaccine is increasing, adding that everything is going as planned with the vaccination programme.

With 90% of the medical frontline workforce and with over 90% of residents and staff members of homes for the elderly already vaccinated even with the second dose, yesterday the vaccine started being administered to those aged 80 and over, and as from today, non-medical frontliners have started receiving the vaccine.



On the AstraZeneca vaccine, Deputy Prime Minister Fearne said that on Sunday, Malta will be receiving the first doses of this vaccine. Chris Fearne once again said this will be speeding up the national vaccination programme, which was calculated taking into consideration the vaccines manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer only.

“According to our original plan, when this was solely based on Pfizer and Moderna, we were to start vaccinating the vulnerable in March. Now, this will be moved forward, and from next week, vulnerable persons who suffer from chronic diseases, of any age, will start receiving their invitation letter, so that as from the second half of February these start receiving the vaccine too. This is a large group, and for this reason, they will not be receiving the letter at the same time,” Chris Fearne said.


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