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Malta to plant more than 6,700 trees this year

More than 6,700 trees will be planted in Malta this year as part of a €1 million project.

Transport minister Ian Borg announced that indigenous species would be planted in 31 different locations across Malta by the end of 2019.

They include Saqqajja Hill in Rabat, the Marsa Junction, Sir Alexander Ball Gardens in Safi, Marsascala Promenade and the Ghadira Nature Reserve in Mellieha.

The scheme, led by Infrastructure Malta, will also include 1,100 trees that will be planted next to Fort Rinella in Kalkara.

Tħawwil ta' siġar

SEGWI HAWN ???Aktar kmieni llum flimkien ma' uffiċjali ta' Infrastructure Malta ħabbart li bdejna investiment ta' €1 miljun li permezz tiegħu se nkunu qed inħawwlu 6,700 siġra madwar #Malta ?? kollha. S'issa diġà ħawwilna 2,200 ?Inħares 'il quddiem biex inkomplu ninvestu fil-futur tal-ġenerazzjonijiet futuri tagħna.

Publiée par Ian Borg sur Mercredi 4 septembre 2019


Speaking during a visit to the Victorian fort and museum, the minister told reporters: ‘It is fundamental to attain balance.

‘We are sensitive to the environment around us.

‘We want our children to have spaces where they can play. We want to enjoy open spaces.

‘We want our country to have lungs.

‘The hard work to create open spaces has started at the new Malta National Park that will give the public a beautiful place where they can unwind and relax, away from their fast-paced daily lives.’

Increasing the number of trees being planted is part of Malta’s efforts to tackle climate change.

Dr Borg said that apart from planting, Infrastructure Malta had prepared a maintenance plan for the trees.

Infrastructure Malta published a map of Malta, showing where the new trees would be planted this year.