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Malta to have 20 Additional Vaccination Centres as from next Wednesday


Speaking during an interview on TVAM, Malta’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne announced that 20 new vaccination centres will be opening as from next Wednesday, bring the total to 30 centres.

In the same interview, Chris Fearne said that as from Thursday, the vaccination will start being administered to non-medical frontliners, such as Police and Civil Protection Department officials.



On the high numbers which Malta is still experiencing over the past weeks, he said that these were still due to the increase in cases which were experienced as a consequence of the Christmas and New Year festivities, which led to people from different bubbles to mix.

“What happens is exactly what we see on the adverts. One person infects 2 persons, those 2 persons infect 4, then those 4 infect 16 etc – which is why we are still seeing the secondary effect of what happened over the festive period. However, even though numbers are up, they are stable as they have not continued increasing. This is why it was important for us to announce new balanced measures targeting February and the days of Carnival,” Chris Fearne said.

On the vaccination programme, Chris Fearne that this is going as planned, and that in fact, Malta is the best country in Europe, as to what regards the percentage of the population which has been inoculated so far. He also said that the rate of vaccines being delivered remained constant, and is set to remain as so, throughout the month of February.