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Malta to feature in new London Underground campaign

Malta is to be featured in a massive advertising campaign on the London Underground.

Posters promoting holidays in the Maltese Islands will also be splashed on London’s famous red buses.

The Malta Tourism Authority brought in top photographers from one of the world’s most popular travel inspiration accounts on Instagram to help with the campaign.

A number of stunning promotional videos of Malta have also been produced.

Beautiful Destinations focuses on featuring the most stunning travel photographs and now has 9.5 million followers.

Jacob Riglin, content director at Beautiful Destinations, said: ‘A couple of months back we spent a week with the Malta Tourism Authority exploring Malta and Gozo.

‘Our week was filled with crazy activities, from scuba diving around shipwrecks to exploring caves that were dotted across the islands.’

He added: ‘We also experienced the best of Maltese cuisine and of course hunted down all of the Game Of Thrones shooting locations.

‘Over the coming months the content we shot will be distributed around several major cities including London.

‘You’ll see it on buses and in the underground stations, as well as magazines and online.’

We can’t wait!