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Malta takes a vote: should Maltese police and AFM years of service be reduced to 20 years?

A recent post on popular Facebook group got people talking.

The question: Should Maltese police and AFM services be reduced from 25 years to 20 years? That way, Malta would entice more people to apply for training and the specific roles.

And everyone took to their socials to give their two cents on the situation.

The problem is in the pay

“Maybe rather than reducing the amount of years of service, we should up their pay! That makes much more sense.”

“It makes much more sense for them to get a pay rise. How can a police or soldier live comfortably with €900 a month?”

“They need a better pay. Only God knows what they see on a day-to-day basis.”

They’re lucky enough already

“U mela le, and they work five less years, as if 20 years of work isn’t already low enough. They should count themselves lucky cos the rest of us have to work up till the tender age of 60+.”

“They’re lucky as is, we already have to work up to the age of 65, and it’s always increasing. We’re going to end up working till 75 a this rate.”

The problem is in people’s mentality

“Giving a pay rise, or reducing their years of service is useless when no one treats them with respect. The job of a policeman or AFM member has unfortunately become one of the worst jobs, because they no longer have any form of power. People have become arrogant.”

The problem is with tattoos and beards

“This is what’s really discouraging younger people interested, the fact that they cannot have beards or a tattoo. If this rule were to change, rest assured that more young people would apply for within the police and AFM services.”

Every work has its own struggles

“I don’t agree no. Is it fair that someone who works in construction has to work till the age of 65? Is it not also a tough job? What about teachers? What I do agree on is having each job evaluated and being given its own years of service. That’s what’s fair!”

What do you think about this?

Should the police’s and the AFM’s years of services be reduced to 20 years?

Let us know!