Malta takes a vote: Is the evil eye real?

It’s a tale as old as time. Touching wood so that bad luck doesn’t come your way. Forming horns with your hand so that you protect yourself from the evil eye of envy … or so that is what some people believe.

In a time where wearing the protective eye around your neck is more of a fashion statement rather than a cultural belief, does Malta still believe in the power of the evil eye?

A recent Facbook post on popular Maltese page asked precisely this question.

‘Temmen fl-ghajn?’ – Do you believe in the evil eye?


The believers who took to the post to express their opinion were many, and definitely outnumbered the non-believers .. some even shared stories.

“Yes, I believe in the evil eye. I once had a red circle mark close to my heart. My grandma told me that it was the evil eye and I laughed it off. Two days later, I had a car accident, broke my arm and hurt my mother.”

“We live in an age where even the person who brought you into this world is envious of you, let alone those who do not know you.”

“Of course I believe in the evil powers of the eye. Someone who can’t stand to see you do better than them in life, and doesn’t like seeing you happy is already a curse within itself. Those people who just stare at you with jealousy… getting chills just thinking about it.”

“Jealousy brings about curses. Targeted jealousy at people brings about curses. Believe me, I know what I’m saying.”


“I’m not entirely sure whether or not it exists but my mother always told me there’s nothing bigger than God. I’ve had experiences with people who I felt did not have my best interest at heart, and things didn’t end well. My nearest and dearest got sick, our house became empty and we all underwent some kind of illness. I just don’t know.”


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“I don’t believe in it. If you want to be blessed with good fortune, avoid people that want to do you harm and follow your dreams because if you never try, your never know. You have to start from somewhere.”

What do you think about all of this? Do you believe in the evil eye?

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