Malta suffers its wildest May for nearly 70 years

Malta has suffered its stormiest May for nearly 70 years, according to weather experts.

Last month was the wildest since 1951 and one of the was also one of the wettest, with more than double the amount of rain normally expected at this time of year.

A spokesman for the Met Office in Luqa said: ‘A total of 19.2mm of precipitation were measured in the Maltese Islands throughout the month, which is more than double the expected 8.5mm of rain for this time of year.

‘A refreshing burst of sunshine compensated for the spell of bleak weather on the islands, with 12.9 hours of sunshine being registered on May 17, making this the brightest day of the month.’

He ‘Despite the fact that the total 289 hours of sunshine recorded during May fell 10 hours short of the expected 299 hours for this time of year, the islands still basked in an average of 9.3 hours of bright sunshine every day.

‘While May started off on a cool note, seeing air temperatures drop to a low of 10.1°C on May 8, the sun quickly thawed the islands, leading the air temperature to reach a maximum of 26.7°C on May 29.

‘The average air temperature was over one degree lower than the climate norm of 19.8°C, standing at 18.3°C.’

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