Malta smashes it at one of sailing’s most prestigious international races

malta sailing

Malta has been smashing it when it comes to sports this month, with the latest achievement made in sailing.

The Jarhead Young Sailors’ Foundation tested their skills at the The Royal Ocean Racing Club Cowes – Dinard – St. Maro Race and placed in the 19th position out of 49 starter participants. A total of 198 boats competed in the races altogether.

The young crew was led by experienced sailor Nikki Henderson and consisted of Fabio Galea, Emilie Gregory, Greg Mifsud Orlando, Patrice Pace, Saul Vassallo, Francesca Zammit and Zachary Zammit.

We’ll see the Jarhead crew next at the Rolex Fastnet race on Saturday August 3rd, for a 606 mile offshore yacht race.

A big congrats to the whole team and a huge good luck for what’s to come!