Malta is set to sizzle on hottest day of the year

Malta is set to sizzle in 31°C heat on what has been predicted as the hottest day of the year so far.

Scorching temperatures are set to blanket the Maltese Islands this week, according to weather forecasters, with thousands of tourists and families expected to hit Malta’s beaches.

The Met Office in Luqa said thermometers are likely to reach 28°C by Wednesday 29 May as an area of high pressure extends towards the central Mediterranean.

Other forecasters said temperatures could soar as high as 31°C at times, with plenty of sunshine across Malta and Gozo all week.

The Met Office predicted a glorious weekend ahead, with temperatures reaching 25 on Saturday and 27 on Sunday.

Andrea Muscat from Maltese Islands Weather said: ‘Brighter days are ahead for the Maltese Islands, as Saturday marks the start of the meteorological summer.

Maltese health officials warned the first extreme hot spell of the year may pose a risk to the most vulnerable.

They said the over-65s, young children and those with health conditions are the most vulnerable in hot weather, and encouraged people to look out for each other.

A spokeswoman told 89.7 Bay: ‘It’s vitally important that we keep an eye on friends, family and neighbours who may be at risk, and chances are we’ll all know someone, if we’re all going to stay well this summer.’

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