Malta Remains The Highest-Ranking Country For LGBT+ Rights In Europe


For the 6th year running, Malta has remained the highest-ranking country on ILGA-Europe’s index Rainbow flag with regards to LGBT+ rights.



This local growth in legal policy is a true movement towards equity for all, and one that is persistently supported by NGOs such as LGBTI+ Gozo, an organisation that advocates for more intersectional representation, more accessible Trans healthcare, and a broader educational campaign.



Just last Friday, alongside the Human Rights Directorate and SOGIGESC unit, the organisation was a proud witness to the launch of a Diversity campaign across public transport in Gozo.



This campaign aims to promote LGTBI+ Gozo counselling and support helpline services, which are reachable at 99356622. It encourages parents and queer folks alike to access such services and join the organisation’s platform!



Elsewhere, LGBTI+ Gozo also discussed the need for greater visibility of the LGBT community in Gozo, which became apparent during their survey results of 2019.


Watch: Malta is the 'gold standard' of LGBT reform, says UN equality boss


Through collaborations, the NGO aims to make the community more visible, start conversations, and to raise awareness about queer realities, which regretfully cause difficult barriers in health care, work opportunities, and general quality of life.


Ultimately, LGBTI+ Gozo hopes that the Gozitan community recognizes that love knows no gender and every person is equal in our community.

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