Malta Reiterates Its Support Towards Ukraine


At another extraordinary meeting with the Council of Foreign Affairs of the European Union in Brussels, the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Evarist Bartolo reiterated Malta’s support for Ukraine and its people while once again condemning Russia’s actions.



Minister Bartolo pointed out that while Malta is militarily neutral, Malta “adheres to the values ​​of sovereignty, independence, equality of nations, peaceful resolution of conflicts and refusal to use military force to change borders and impose security arrangements on other countries.”



The Foreign Affairs Council meeting was called again to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and to further simplify EU-NATO actions on recently adopted restrictive measures. There was also an exchange of views with the US Secretary of State, the UK and Canadian Foreign Ministers and the NATO Secretary-General.


Minister Bartolo emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong and unified response through strong sanctions against key Russian institutions and leaders, as well as an effective implementation which is of the utmost importance.



In addition, Minister Bartolo praised the Ukrainian and Russian communities living together in peace in Malta and warned against the creation of a climate of incitement and hate speech against the common Russians. Minister Bartolo concluded that “a war for hearts and minds is going on, and we must win it”.