Malta Receives Two Prestigious Tourism Awards From Belgium


As we are nearing the reopening of Malta’s Airport and subsequently Malta’s Tourism Industry, earlier today, the President of the Belgian Tourist Awards and publisher of Gert Van Wichelen presented the Ambassador of the Republic of Malta to the Kingdom of Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and NATO with two prestigious tourism awards, as Malta has been crowned Belgium’s Destination of the Year 2019 and Country of the Year 2019.

This really comes at no surprise, since Malta is the preferred destination for more than 70,000 Belgians every year!

In March and April 2020 Belgian tourists have voted for the best tourist destinations and the best tourist companies. More than 10,000 Belgian tourists registered to vote.

The award was also presented to Glenaki Travel Agency – the  MTA Representatives in Belgium and Luxembourg!

Merci Belgique!



Malta tirbaħ żewġ Awards prestiġjużi mill-Belġju: 'Pajjiż tas-sena 2019' u 'Destinazzjoni tas-sena 2019'. Kull sena…

Publiée par Turiżmu sur Jeudi 25 juin 2020